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  • How would they be made secure against faking?

    If the cryptographic key itself was extractable, it’d be easy to sign fake images with just a bit of custom software.

    If it isn’t, there’s still workarounds. Buy a professional photography camera, disassemble it, extract the chip that does the signature, feed it fake GPS and image data, and you have a modified image signed as legit. A country’s intelligence agency could easily do that.

    Even if the camera was made completely unmodifiable, you could put it in a Faraday cage, feed it a spoofed GPS signal for fake date/time/location data, and take a picture of a high resolution screen showing your photoshopped image.

    Building a system where end users are told “this image is cryptographically confirmed to be legit” just makes it easier to convince users that your fake images are legit.

  • Prioritize Ahrensbach since that’s her job, but also make it clear to everyone that Ehrenfest is an ally and an attack on one is an attack on both.

    Everyone is going to assume that Ehrenfest is her subservient vassal now and she’ll spend years denying it and claiming that they’re equal partners. Even though it’s an open secret that Charlotte Aub Ehrenfest, among countless others, has signed a contract to never become Rozemyne’s enemy, so Ehrenfest is pretty much at Rozemyne’s mercy.