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  • TL;DR they think he should look at electoral reform again

    A huge wedge of the liberal voter base were disenfranchised when Trudeau promised electoral reform, practically guaranteed it, and then just announced they weren’t going to do it but don’t worry here’s legal weed. Many of them were youth voting for the first time, and that betrayal set the tone. If he set it in motion before the election, is it possible they’d recapture at least some of that base? Sure. Would I vote for him? Not a chance.

  • He got got because the user used an Apple ID that was linekd to their real identity, which is one of the things Proton is obligated to provide in cases like this.

    Proton says all the time, they are obligated to comply with the letter of the law, so do not store anything identifiable anywhere they’re legally required to provide it. They tell you exactly what not to do, to avoid this precise case. They do not want to provide anything they don’t have to, but they also do not want their company shut down.