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  • I agree, but in terms of whether it will be met with slander, it doesn’t matter who the DNC picks. Even if a candidate with the cleanest record and the noblest and most inoffensive intentions were to exist, arguments will be made as to why they are unelectable. (Low-energy? Too aggressive? Too radical? Too bureaucratic?, so on and so forth).

  • You are correct the Republicans are going to do that, but the party of Trump’s method is to keep slinging shit until something sticks. That’s going to happen no matter who the candidate is. Biden, for his part, just wiped the board and let all the turds slip off. We have a shot at producing a campaign of hope, rather than a campaign of simply staving off the worst.

  • we don’t have a reasonable excuse for why she can’t speak coherently.

    Which has been half of the Republican smear campaign taglines for more than the last 6 months.

    Biden being unable to speak well is not a reasonable excuse to not go to the polls, but now voters don’t have that. It’s up to them now to accept or reject Trump for what he is. It’s time to stop taking “…but but but [nominee] is unelectable!” as a response.

  • #1 priority is to get out the vote between you, your friends, family and coworkers, and take the trust that Biden has just put in you and everyone else to uphold your democratic values as a nation.

    If you want a challenge, your goal is to track every bullshit reason Republicans (some in Democratic sheep’s clothing) fabricate that the new nominee is unelectable, and communicate to your network why those reasons are bullshit, no matter how many times the media repeats it to pass it off as true.

  • Republicans are going to play every trick in the book, legal, moral, ethical or not. They will shout it at the rallies, take every opportunity to stir up shit on television (with help from Koch and Sinclair owned media) and you will hear every reason why the democratic nominee cannot be President. If Democrats find someone with a squeaky clean record and the Republicans can’t find anything truthful, they’ll fabricate it with ease. “Kamala Harris ate a moldy bagel in 2018 therefore she can’t be president.”

    The one advantage Democrats have at this very second, is that Republicans and Trump can’t use the media machine to pre-emptively smear any one person, since nobody knows who the nominee will be yet. Use this opportunity well and combat the “ahh confusion, somehow only Trump makes sense” narrative that will be sure to be floated.

  • Rentlar@lemmy.catoNews@lemmy.worldJoe Biden ends re-election campaign
    3 days ago

    Biden must have received some sign from the Lord. I am confident he would have made for a great 2nd term, but I would also feel bad for his final legacy to be that he handed the election to Trump despite his 1st term successes.

    This is your moment, America. It’s in your hands now to see it through in November, kick Trump out no matter who the Democratic nominee will be.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on those particular accounts on Lemmy that were constantly calling for resignation, whether anyone as presidential nominee will satisfy them.