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  • Same for me. There are some interests I have (mostly niche games) that just don’t have the population to have any sort of traction here. I don’t comment or vote there anymore, and I’m only still logged in on my main PCs because I didn’t bother logging out. Deleted all my old comments and posts.

  • They’re simple to get into for anyone with an introductory interest in Linux, although I haven’t liked Ubuntu in ages. My Mint setup took a bit of effort but it does game pretty well. Fedora could be a good recommendation too, I liked that when I tried it out. There’s some gaming focused distros like Bazzite or Nobara, but I feel like I can get a “normal” distro working to a similar state for games, and I don’t have to hope that a small team doesn’t fold and my distro loses updates support.

    I’m trying out OpenSUSE Tumbleweed this week, wanna see if it’s a good alternative to Fedora.

    I don’t dare try Arch yet, and thus I also wouldn’t recommend it to any new user.