Are there tags?

Sadly there aren’t (yet), for now please put the tag in brackets with the text in caps like so: [ART]

I can’t see comments in the posts when viewing the community on another lemmy instance

Federation currently does not fetch past comments only future ones if subscribed, the devs recently have decided to change that but there is no estimate on when

Can I post AI generated Art?

Yes but only if you clearly tag it as such. 1st occurence is a warning and an explanation, second occurence is a ban.

Is this instance only for Ascendance of a Bookworm content?

Yes and No. On this instance communities will be revolving around Ascendance of a Bookworm, but you can still subscribe and contribute to remote communities on other instances.

Can I sign up even though I don’t read the series?

Yes you can, there should be plenty of content for you in the all feed or in one of the federated communities (you can see a list of those here.