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    Selbst wenn du ein eigenes Router OS verwendest ist die Hintertür im Netzwerkadapter drin, aber das sind Angriffsflächen die einem Normalo sowas von egal sein können. Dafür ist man nicht Ansatzweise wichtig genug

  • You know thinking about it a bit more the nobles might be so shocked by Rozemyne’s brief moments of non-book obsession that they completely gloss over the rest and accept her as a genius.

    After all when compared to someone who never did their job (well or at all) someone who does it well some of the time must seem like a gift from the heavens (Hartmut and Clarissa will make sure they take that part literally).

  • This book wrapping up all of the open ends in the story feels both very pleasant to read but also pretty sad on a deeper level. I really don’t want the main story to end but there needs to be a last chapter eventually or it’ll lose its greatness.

    Rozemyne’s future plans for Alexandria must have been quite a shock to those nobles, bet they didn’t think the Saint of Yurgenschmidt is a Gremlin. Which brings me to wonder how fast books will spread now that she does not have borrowed authority but actual direct authority over the entire duchy. I’m afraid Ferdinand et al will have plenty of work making her reconsider book plans that would put the duchy’s vital industries (like farming) at risk.

  • To be fair here Rozemyne’s reaction to the suggestion she and Ferdinand did the deed Pre-Marriage would elicit a similar reaction in our world even as recent as 100 years ago so that’s just perfectly understandable. Although I think it would be best for Rozemyne and Ferdinand to keep the details to themselves, I suspect a lot of what they did would be considered more than scandalous by the other nobles.

  • I’m glad to see there are no more hiccups in Alexandria so far. Although the same cannot be said about the rest of Yurgenschmid going by Eglantine’s constitution and Anastasius’ increased worry. Oh well, you reap what you sow gremlin laughter

    I’m quite surprised how shocked all these nobles are that Rozemyne and Ferdinand are not this head over heels couple they thought, I suppose they all let their inner shipper run wildhwith speculation instead of staying grounded in reality. The pair’s reaction to their engagement stones probably undid all of that shock though, actions speak louder than words and they all just witnessed something that will probably be enough material for 5 volumes of Elvira’s Love Stories on its own. I suspect Ferdinand miscalculated Rogemyne’s reaction and is coming to the realization that henceforth he’ll be known as a passionate romantic.

  • I like shitting on Apple as much as the next guy but the Vision Pro is an impressive piece of gear from an engineering perspective. Unfortunately, much like pretty much all VR headsets before it, it is suffering from a lack of an ecosystem.

    All Apple changed is to pivot away from a focus on bleeding edge high end hardware in this new segment and instead grow a userbase by means of a cheaper base product (likely missing one or two bells and whistles). Developers don’t like to produce apps for platforms nobody will use, even if they get thrown some money to do so, because it is a poor long term investment. So Apple’s best shot at this is to get Vision devices onto as many heads as possible.