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  • The worst part really is just getting off the damn spam lists. There is almost no documentation anywhere for do’s and dont’s. I ultimately had to setup a sending relay for the mail on my status monitoring VPS because my residential IP triggered most spam filters, but I only found out that that was the problem from forum posts investigating the same problem. I check with stuff like mail-tester, get back perfect scores and yet most of my outgoing emails have a good chance to land in the spam folder anyway (but at least they get delivered so that’s a plus I guess)

    As others in other threads have said: Google and Microsoft have killed the ability to self-host email simply by black-boxing their spam filters. As a user you have no real way to fix your mail server such that your emails get delivered into the inbox reliably.

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    Selbst wenn du ein eigenes Router OS verwendest ist die Hintertür im Netzwerkadapter drin, aber das sind Angriffsflächen die einem Normalo sowas von egal sein können. Dafür ist man nicht Ansatzweise wichtig genug

  • You know thinking about it a bit more the nobles might be so shocked by Rozemyne’s brief moments of non-book obsession that they completely gloss over the rest and accept her as a genius.

    After all when compared to someone who never did their job (well or at all) someone who does it well some of the time must seem like a gift from the heavens (Hartmut and Clarissa will make sure they take that part literally).

  • This book wrapping up all of the open ends in the story feels both very pleasant to read but also pretty sad on a deeper level. I really don’t want the main story to end but there needs to be a last chapter eventually or it’ll lose its greatness.

    Rozemyne’s future plans for Alexandria must have been quite a shock to those nobles, bet they didn’t think the Saint of Yurgenschmidt is a Gremlin. Which brings me to wonder how fast books will spread now that she does not have borrowed authority but actual direct authority over the entire duchy. I’m afraid Ferdinand et al will have plenty of work making her reconsider book plans that would put the duchy’s vital industries (like farming) at risk.