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Hope everybody is finding things they like in the new season of anime. It is a Monday, so that means it is time for a new discussion post. Feel free to post questions, comments, criticisms here to your heart’s content. Some thought-provoking examples might be:

  • My kid loves the PreCure series, so I was wondering if “Gushing Over Magical Girls” would be another good show for them to check out.
  • Is the title “Delicious in Dungeon” referring to the food they cook or to how good Falin tastes to the dragon?
  • How does one use healing magic wrong? Can you hurt somebody by doing your magic backwards?

As always, remember to be mindful of spoilers. If you want to know more about how to handle spoilers in this community, check the guide here (also linked in the sidebar).

  • @ludrolA
    45 months ago
    • villaness lvl 99 - The bait in the first half was splendid. I will probably watch some more episodes.
    • 7th loop - I got interested so I have read already 3 volumes of light novel
    • mashle - just hit the gym and eat cream puffs
    • solo leveling - ok I guess
    • wrong way to use healing magic - ok I guess, looks like trauma team from cyberpunk
    • sasaki and peeps - Great comedy, I loved the neighbor that was sitting outside the door. The emotional manipulation of a viewer was splendid.
    • dangueon meshi - got me hungry. time to cook something delicious.
    • @wjs018@ani.socialOPM
      5 months ago

      Villainess Lvl 99

      I haven’t gotten to watch it yet, but the comedy in the source is splendidly stupid. It turns some off because of the denseness of the MC, but that is kind of the whole point. Hope you continue to enjoy it.

      Edit: Loved it.

      7th Loop

      What did you think of the novels? Thanks to a particular person (cough Kadath cough) over in the manga community, I have been reading lots of Villainess stuff lately, might as well add an anime to that if it is from a good source.

      Sasaki and Peeps

      See elsewhere in this thread, but I am going to check this one out. Sounds like it really came out of the gate running.

      Dungeon Meshi

      I made a huge pot of curry this week to get in the right mindset while watching the next episode. Campfire Cooking got me hungry every episode as well.